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Le magazine nonstopfresh d'Aartsen permet de donner un visage à notre identité et à notre culture d’entreprise. Il contient des articles sur nos activités et le travail quotidien au sein de nos équipes et s’efforce d’apporter des informations ,notamment à propos de nos collaborateurs, de nos clients, des nouvelles marques de fruits et légumes ajoutées à notre assortiment . Nous essayons de l’enrichir autant que possible d'une foule d'autres sujets intéressants.

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In Spain for UNO stone fruit and melons


Aartsen recently expanded the fantastic range of UNO brand products to include stone fruit, specifically peaches, cherries, nectarines and flat peaches. In addition, the melon assortment now also includes honeydew and piel de sapo varieties. 

Richard Uijtdewillegen and Jasper van der Sandt spent four days in Spain visiting dozens of growers, including individuals who farm and package for UNO. In this report, we focus on that aspect of the trip. Of course, Richard and Jasper received a warm welcome everywhere they went; after all, everyone involved firmly believes that it is important to maintain close ties and stay informed about each other’s developments.

Apple of my eye


Apple of my eye. So who are the people that are making Aartsen a success? In this edition of Refresh, get to know Pui San Poon.

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Interior architect Jan Geysen on the new building in Breda


Stagnation equals decline. Based on this idea – that there is always room for improvement – Aartsen has ambitious plans. Hard work is being done on the plans for the new building that will house our…

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