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Im nonstopfresh Magazin präsentieren wir Aartsen und das, wofür wir stehen. Hier können Sie Artikel über den Alltag bei Aartsen, unsere Mitarbeiter, unsere Kunden, die Einführung neuer Aartsen-Marken und viele weitere interessante Themen lesen.

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New HQ Aartsen


There are plenty of good reasons for sitting down with Jack Aartsen at the impressive wooden table in his office. Firstly, there is his company’s name change: as of today, it is Aartsen. Secondly, the official opening of the new head office takes place today. Both of these developments help to strengthen the sense of family and solidarity. Jack Aartsen talks about these developments through the lens of four issues.

On track for the next phase


The time has come for the opening of the new headquarters in Breda. But what makes the new office so special? To get the full story, we joined Aartsen’s operational manager Frank van der Velden,…

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Careers at Aartsen


Where do you want to work? Here, that’s were! As Aartsen is experiencing huge growth, the company is constantly looking for employees who are ambitious, committed and fit in with the company culture.…

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